Zoom burnout is real

“Zoom gives me crazy anxiety and the same social pressure I would feel being invited to a party,” says Dani, a marketing manager based in Cleveland, who requested that only her first name be used to protect her workplace privacy. “I have to do Zoom calls all day for work. I cannot socialize that way right now.”

OneZero: https://onezero.medium.com/zoom-burnout-is-real-27e6938d0e1f

Some good advice and tips in this assessment. Three:

  1. Schedule yourself non-negotiable “Zoom time” to ensure you’re not getting wrangled into video calls you don’t have the energy for. Blocking out a couple of hours a week — say, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays and Saturdays — can help keep your calendar from getting overloaded, and can also provide you with a good out if you’re not in the mood. “I’d love to chat, but to avoid excess screen time, I’ve been limiting my video call time to a few hours a week. Are you around on Tuesday evening?”
  2. The best comparison might be to seniors living in nursing homes, who tragically are often hungry for social connection, and have too little contact with the outside world. A small 2020 study in the medical journal BMC Geriatrics found that nursing home residents experienced less loneliness, more vitality, and even less sensitivity to pain after connecting with family members once a week for six months via video call.
  3. Research shows that seeing someone’s face has more of an impact on your sense of isolation than just hearing their voice. So if you can push yourself to participate in a Zoom call every once in a while, you should. Give this new type of communication a chance, especially if you’re feeling isolated or lonely.

Opportunity zooms

At a time when massive chunks of the economy are getting crushed, it’s obviously preferable to see your brand enjoying new awareness and engagement. But nobody wants to come across as a “crisis capitalizer,” swooping into a global tragedy with self-interest in mind. And this brings us back to Zoom and how it serves as a useful example of the tricky business of navigating a pandemic branding event.

Marker: https://marker.medium.com/when-a-pandemic-becomes-a-companys-ultimate-branding-opportunity-85894616364b#384c

(Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash)

Responses to Coronavirus

Bill Gates

“When we look at how #Coronavirus (#COVID19) is disrupting supply chains, stock markets, and people’s lives, investing a couple of billion dollars to prevent such outbreak will be a bargain” – Bill Gates


#GenevaMotorShow canceled after #coronavirus causes government to ban large events


#Coronavirus Fears Are Causing Tech Giants To Cancel #Conferences, Curb Travel, And Take Hits To Supply Chains


Satellite images have shown a dramatic decline in pollution levels over China, which is “at least partly” due to an economic slowdown prompted by the coronavirus, NASA says


Introducing the Outbox

It’s well over a decade since I started a new blog.

I decided to start a new one as the blog I’ve known as an online home since 2006 has just about fulfilled its purpose.

NevilleHobson.com has done pretty well for itself during the past 14 years. Variously a place for thinking out loud and sharing that thinking, a virtual brochure for consulting work, a second home for my podcasts, a place to tinker… even some awards during the journey.

It’s been all of these things and I do have mixed feelings about letting it go. I don’t intend to shut it down: that blog will remain online mainly as an archive although I will continue to post content such as podcast show notes until I decide whether or not to move that to this new place.

But it is time to move along in a place that will let me write and not have to worry about managing the place where I do the writing: I can focus on the content and what I want to say.

So I’ve started this new blog called Outbox on a familiar platform – WordPress. I’ve been using WordPress.org (that’s the self-hosted version) since the early 00s. But my interest today is in creating the content not managing the platform.

So this new blog runs on WordPress.com, the hosted service that let’s you start up a blog without having to set up your own installation, etc.

Here, I plan to write about many of the things I wrote about in recent years. Topics will probably be wider in scope, many shorter in length, and some instead of posting about them in 280 characters on Twitter.

So this first post marks the start of my new writing era. I’m not sure how it will develop, what direction I’ll take it in, nor how long it will last. Hopefully it’s not just a shiny new object.

Equally, I’m not sure how often I’ll post here. I’ve made myself a commitment to write something at least once a week, and I aim to keep to that.

If you’d like to join me on this new journey, subscribe to the RSS feed that will deliver new content to you whenever its published.

Let’s see what the road ahead looks like.